The complete Big Bang Racing upgrades list

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The complete Big Bang Racing upgrades list
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Haven't you heard? Big Bang Racing is the next BIG thing. Maybe, I dunno.

But you want a head start on the competition, right? You wanna be the very best, like no-one ever was - no wait, that's the wrong game. Sorry. Been thinking about Pokemon GO too much.

Anyway, here's a complete list of all the upgrades you can get for your vehicle in Big Bang Racing. Enjoy!

Upgrade Unlocked at CC gain Attribute Effect
Turbocharger Start 3 Speed -
Studs Start 5 Grip -
Steering Wheel Start 3 Handling -
Flip Boost Power Start 7 Flip boosts Stronger flip boosts
Gear Oil Spray Amateur league 5 Speed -
Brake Fluid Amateur league 3 Grip -
Pedals Amateur league 5 Handling -
Nitro Power Amateur league 7 Nitros Stronger nitro boosts
Battery Novice league 7 Speed -
Bucket of Sand Novice league 5 Grip -
Air Conditioning Novice league 3 Handling -
Nitro Amount Novice league 3 Nitros More nitros
Tank Cap Pro league 3 Speed -
Traction Sensor Pro league 7 Grip -
Cup Holder Pro league 5 Handling -
Coin Magnet Pro league 3 Coin pull Coin pull radius increased
Filter System Master league 5 Speed -
Wheel Bolts Master league 3 Grip -
Seat Master league 7 Handling -
Nitro Boost Length Master league 5 Nitros Increased nitro boost duration
Gear Stick Extreme league 7 Speed -
Cosmic Tires Extreme league 7 Grip -
Wondertree Extreme league 7 Handling -
Flip Boost Length Extreme league 5 Flip boost Increased flip boost duration

Oscar Dayus
Oscar Dayus
Oscar grew up playing games in the 90s, and as such can't help but jump on any sort of moving platform. He hasn't yet perfected the art of double-jumping in real life, though, so has now turned to writing instead.