Beyond the Labyrinth is the most gorgeous 3DS game so far

Konami RPG set to push the 3DS to its limits

Beyond the Labyrinth is the most gorgeous 3DS game so far
| Beyond the Labyrinth

In the run-up to the Nintendo 3DS launch, we were told that Nintendo's new console would be able to handle some pretty slick, next-gen visuals. However, as yet we've not seen anything that has blown us away.

Until today, that is. As revealed by Famitsu (and helpfully translated by NeoGAF), Konami and Tri-Ace have a new RPG up their collaborative sleeves that is looking incredible.

Beyond the Labyrinth follows a young girl as she explores a series of gorgeous 3D ruins and dungeons. Not much about the story has been revealed, but the screenshots alone are enough to get us excited.

The game is being directed by Tri-Ace's Takayuki Suguro, and produced by Konami's Shingo Mukaitouge. Apparently it's around 60 per cent complete. There's no release date.

Make sure you click the screenshot above to check out the rest - they're stunning.

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