Best new iOS and Android games of the week: July 9

Mini Day Z, BotHeads, Color Magnet and more

Best new iOS and Android games of the week: July 9

Got some time to kill this weekend? Want to know what's new and worth playing on iOS and Android? Step this way.

This is our weekly overview of the best mobile games from the past seven days. The tone this week is decidedly bright and breezy - even when it comes to matters concerning the zombie apocalypse.

Have you been playing anything different this week? Let us know in the comments below.

Drop Wizard Tower
By Nitrome/Neutronized - download on iOS / download on Android

Here's a fine sequel to the original Drop Wizard. Drop Wizard Tower is a retro arcade blast with more meat - such as roguelike elements and a smattering of bright boss battles - and more swagger than the flawed original.

Mini Day Z
By Bohemia Interactive - download on iOS / download on Android

This shrink-wrapped survival game pitches you up against the combined threat of starvation, thirst, hypothermia, and other humans. Oh, and slavering zombies. It might look simple, but there are several layers to the experience.

Color Magnet
By The One Pixel - buy on iOS

A rare puzzler that actually brings new ideas to the table. Okay, so you're matching blocks. But the way those blocks can connect with others they're not actually touching feels genuinely fresh.

By A Small Game - download on iOS

An interesting and engaging (if slightly ugly) twist on the Badland formula that throws a few neat ideas of its own into mix. The slick controls are the real winner, as you bounce through 2D levels collecting stuff.

Star Vikings Forever
By Akupara Games - buy on iOS / buy on Android

A neat little RPG-puzzler with a little lane-running strategy thrown in. Star Vikings Forever is a deeply silly slice of sci-fi whimsy, as you might expect from the guys behind Chroma Squad.