Best new iOS and Android games of the week: July 16

Motorsport Manager Mobile 2, Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two and more

Best new iOS and Android games of the week: July 16

Whatever you're doing this weekend, stir in some mobile games to make it a little more fun. Which mobile games, you ask? Try these for starters.

Each week we take a look at the best new games from the past seven days. This week's are sporty, sequely, and even a little funky.

Have you been playing anything different this week? Let us know in the comments below.

Motorsport Manager Mobile 2
By Playsport Games - buy on iOS

The original Motorsport Manager is one of our favourite mobile sports games of all time, so it's no surprise to learn that the sequel is a bit of a beauty. It's an intriguing juggling act as you keep your sponsors and driver happy while making sure you're working your way up the grid.

Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two
By Telltale - buy on iOS / buy on Android

This second season of Telltale's story-driven spinoff kicks off with plenty of humour, adventure, and narrative kicks. We're looking forward to the rest of it.

By Polyphonic LP - buy on iOS

Resynth is an abstract Sokoban-style block-pushing puzzler, but with an irresistibly stylish, beat-driven Lumines element. Groovy.

Splashy Dots!
By Crimson Pine Games - download on iOS

Splashy Dots! is one of those clean, simple casual puzzlers that you only really seem to find on mobile. It's nothing original, as you swipe to hit all the different nodes in a grid, but it sure is fun.

Virtua Tennis Challenge
By Sega - download on iOS / download on Android

What better game to play on Wimbledon men's final day than Virtua Tennis Challenge, a mobile version of one of the best tennis games ever? It's an old game, but it's now free to play with Sega Forever.