New iOS and Android games out this week - August 17

Phantom Cat 2, Technobabylon, Portal Walk and more

New iOS and Android games out this week - August 17

Welcome back to our regular feature taking a look at the latest in iOS and Android gaming.

It's not looking like a classic week, to be honest. Let's get that out there right away. But it's not bereft of interesting games.

Later in the week we'll picking out some truly noteworthy examples. For now, here's a round-up of what's fresh and promising in the world of mobile gaming.

Have you been playing anything else new this week? Do share with the rest of us in the comments below.

Phantom Cat 2
By Veewo Games - download on iOS

A new Phantom Cat means more adorable, stylishly drawn platformer action. We're always up for that.

By Wadjet Eye - buy on iOS

Another sci-fi point-'n'-click adventure from Gemini Rue-developer Wadjet Eye, Technobabylon is all AI, mind hacking, and high tech dystopia.

The Girl Who Sold the World
By Lyorah Studios - download on iOS

An all-too-rare audio adventure that asks you to pull out your earphones - and your imagination - to help build its world in place of graphics.

Portal Walk
By Art&Fact - buy on iOS

This quirky platformer has an unusually weighted movement system and a challenging difficulty level.

Burgle Bros
By Fowers Games - buy on iOS

Another digital conversion of a popular board game, Burgle Bros stirs in elements of stealth, planning and luck as you embark on elaborate heists.

Fast Track
By Umbrella Games - download on iOS

A very stylish-looking arcade game with minimalist neon visuals.

War Wings
By Miniclip - download on iOS

A very slick-looking PvP aerial shooter that's had a protracted but very successful global rollout. This one looks slick.

Zlatan Legends
Isbit Games - download on iOS

Who wants to play an arcade runner starring currently crocked superstar footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic dressed up in a knock-off Iron Man suit? Anyone? Anyone at all. Hello?

Chaos Battle League
By This Game Studio - download on iOS

Okay, so Chaos Battle League is another Clash Royale 'tribute'. In fact, it looks uncomfortably similar. Still, if you're done with Supercell's popular mobile MOBA...