New iOS and Android games out this week - August 10

Cat Quest, Combat Squad, Ristar and more

New iOS and Android games out this week - August 10

Hello all. Wondering what's new in the world of mobile gaming? Thursday's often when many of these games come out, so you've picked a good time to check in.

Here's a list of what's fresh on the iOS and Android app stores. We should note that we haven't played all of these yet, so this is no guarantee of quality. We'll look to produce a 'best of the week' list at the weekend.

Have you been playing anything else new this week? Do share with the rest of us in the comments below.

Cat Quest
By The Gentlebros - buy on iOS

This delightful action-RPG is full of cat puns, polished visuals, and elements of classic Zelda. Haven't you bought it yet?

Combat Squad
By A-33 Studio - download on iOS / download on Android

Former developers of online FPS Counter-Strike Online have grouped together to make... a multiplayer tactical first person shooter. No surprises then, but we're happy to see more of this kind of thing on mobile.

Home Arcade
By Big Blue Bubble - download on iOS / download on Android

New from the team behind Burn The Rope, Home Arcade is described as "the greatest arcade collection the '80s forgot to make". That means 10 retro-inflected games bundled into one.

Carmageddon: Crashers
By Stainless Games - download on iOS / download on Android

Carmageddon was an infamously grisly open(ish) world combat racer from the '90s. Carmageddon: Crashers looks to take that brash aesthetic and apply it to a drag racer sub-genre.

Amigo Pancho 2
By Qaibo Games - download on iOS / download on Android

The original Amigo Pancho was an enjoyable casual physics-puzzler. Expect this sequel to provide more of the same as you attempt to guide a balloon-riding Mexican chap past a series of obstacles.

Demise of Nations
By Noble Master - download on iOS

This new 4X strategy game covers the rise of Rome to the fall of modern civilisation. That's a fair amount of scope, then. Here's hoping the battles themselves - in single or multiplayer - are suitably epic.

FlipChamps Reloaded
By Brad Erkkila - download on iOS

A welcome follow-up to a particularly enjoyable arcade fighting game, FlipChamps Reloaded looks to have the kind of manic gameplay and crisp retro presentation you might expect from someone who worked with Colin Lane on Golf Zero and Touchdowners.

By Taito - buy on iOS / buy on Android

The final installment in Taito's Ray series finally comes to mobile after a five-year wait. This is a colourful conversion of a 1998 arcade shoot 'em up, complete with MFi and Bluetooth controller support.

By Sega - download on iOS / download on Android

This is perhaps the most interesting game yet in the stuttering Sega Forever range. Ristar was a gorgeous original platformer from Sonic Team which arrived a little too late in the Mega Drive's life to make a major impact.

Silly Walks
By Part Time Monkey - download on iOS

A bright-looking one-tap adventure game starring a cast of everyday objects that have come to life. Any game starring anthropomorphic burgers, doughnuts, and ramen bowls is alright with us.