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Before Your Eyes, the critically acclaimed emotional journey is now available on mobile via Netflix

Before Your Eyes, the critically acclaimed emotional journey is now available on mobile via Netflix

Netflix has constantly been building on its mobile games roster with some power-packed titles that shouldn’t be missed. GoodbyeWorld Games and Skybound Games have partnered with Netflix to exclusively release their BAFTA award-winning title, Before Your Eyes on the popular subscription service. It will also be available on Steam at a 50% discount for the time being.

Before Your Eyes will take players on an extremely immersive and emotional journey that a lot of people will be able to relate to. Pair this with the innovative blink interaction mechanic, fully-voiced story and wonderful world, and you have a critically acclaimed game that has won over 15 different awards. Netflix Games will let another whole plethora of users enjoy this title and see why it has received so much love.

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Speaking about the game’s thought process and designing, Graham Parkes, the games lead writer and creative director, said: “We designed Before Your Eyes as a game that could be played and enjoyed by truly anyone and anywhere, not just experienced gamers, so for us, there is truly no better home for it than Netflix and on mobile. We use our phone cameras every day to share meaningful daily experiences, so it feels like a natural fit to now use this technology to explore the life of the player’s character and drive their narrative journey.”

In case you haven’t heard about Before Your Eyes yet, players take on the role of The Ferryman whose goal is to locate and transport the souls of those who have lived extraordinary lives, into the afterlife. On this powerful journey, players will learn of that character’s life, the choices they made, and the moments that made them who they are.

The blinking mechanism I mentioned above is an extremely unique feature as well. The gameplay is controlled entirely by the players’ eyes as their glances and blinks captured from the camera will shape the game’s narrative. It will be like experiencing each memory through the character’s eyes.

If you are interested in taking this emotional, but thrilling journey, then be sure to check out Netflix Games.

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