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Beep Boop Bots review - "A solid puzzler that's lacking a bit of spark"

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| Beep Boop Bots
Beep Boop Bots review - "A solid puzzler that's lacking a bit of spark"
| Beep Boop Bots

The space that modern smartphones offer for play is probably one of the most interesting thing about them. And as the size of screens keeps getting bigger, we're going to start seeing games making ever more interesting use on the new real-estate. Games a bit like Beep Boop Bots.

It's essentially a sliding block puzzler, but there's a twist. There are two robots, each on its own little level, and you need to get both of them safely to the exit. Every time you swipe to move, both of the little droids scuttle off in that direction.

It might not be the most original idea we've seen this year, but it's really well implemented, and keeps adding new mechanics to try and make sure you're always gripped by the head-scratching action.

Beep beep

The first few challenges are pretty simple - there's not much difference between the obstacles that you're trying to get the two robos through. As the game progresses, the challenge ramps up.

The robots will move in the direction you've told them until they hit something. You want that to be a block, or one of the other later additions that hold them in place or send them in a different direction. Swipe off the edge of a level and you'll fail and have to start again.

Getting to the exit isn't your only goal. There are three stars scattered around the levels too, and to truly complete one you're going to have to grab all of them. To begin with they're in easy to reach places, but the deeper you get, the more you're going to have to think if you want to nail them all.

Beep Boop Bots iOS screenshot - A puzzle with portals and goo

It's the new ideas that make sure you keep playing. You'll find blocks that will stop the bots once and then disappear, blobs of goo that catch robos and hold them, portals, direction-changing tiles, and lots more. Nothing ever sneaks up on you, but you never feel like the game is holding your hand either.

That said, there aren't any puzzles here that are going to stick in the memory. Everything is well put together, and there aren't any major problems here that are going to knock you out of the experience.

But, there also aren't any moments when you're going to exclaim in delight when you complete a challenge - and while the mechanics change to keep things fresh, the art-style doesn't change that much as you play.

Boop boop

Beep Boop Bots is an entertaining and engaging mobile puzzler, but it just lacks that special something that would set it apart from the rest. Fans of the genre are going to find a lot to like here, but it's unlikely that anyone's going to find anything to love.

That's not the worst thing in the world, and there's enough content here to keep you going for a good long while. Beep Boop Bots is a good game, but it's not much more than that. It'll fill a gap in your gaming schedule nicely, just don't expect it to do more than that.

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Beep Boop Bots review - "A solid puzzler that's lacking a bit of spark"

Beep Boop Bots is a well put together game that doesn't have the spark to make it memorable