Battlegrounds Mobile India's July update introduces new weapons, vehicles and more

New weapons, traversal vehicles and a lot of improved settings! India's new battle royale craze continues!

Battlegrounds Mobile India's July update introduces new weapons, vehicles and more

It has been a week since India’s replacement for PUBG Mobile, Battlegrounds Mobile India launched and the response has been phenomenal. The India exclusive battle royale has crossed over ten million downloads and that number continues to grow. Krafton is already launching the 1.5 update soon and we have you covered with the patch notes for this update. It should begin to roll out from today.

Right off the bat, we have a new gun, the MG3. This is a light machine gun that can fire up to 75 bullets continuously, obliterating the enemy. It can be set to fire at either 660 or 990 rpm and houses a 6x scope. If you lie down, the bipod will be automatically set up, making the gun extremely stable and accurate. The MG3 will be exclusively available in airdrops.

battlegrounds mobile india new gun mg3

Next comes the feature of throwable consumables. Low on health and don’t have a health kit? Ask your teammate to throw it to you! Just select the trajectory button, aim, and throw. All you need to worry about is throwing the consumable properly. An incorrect throw will cause it to bounce off an object in its path.

The ranking system has also received an update with two new ranks- “Ace Master” and “Ace Dominator”. A new challenge point system has been added, earning these points will boost your rankings. Achieve a higher rank and you will also receive seasonal rewards.

bgmi two new ranks

The updated Erangel map, the “Mission Ignition” mode will also be available to players featuring hyper-lines, luxurious supplies in loot-able semi-trucks, an amphibious anti-gravity motorcycle and an air-conveyer which will launch players into the air.

The new gun in Mission Ignition is the ASM Abakan which cab be semi or fully automatic. Patrol dogs can be found around the map and can be used to find rare and high-end resources. Other additions include tactical marking devices and riot shields.

mission ignition in bgmi

BGMI’s July update is also improving a number of settings, adding more graphical modes, enhancing combat, and is smoothing out any other bugs in the game.

The craze that PUBG Mobile had, is now back in India with the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India. You can find out everything about this update by checking out their official video.

Download Battlegrounds Mobile India for free on the Google Play Store now.

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