Battlefield Mobile beta version is now out - Here is everything you need to know

EA has just released the beta of Battlefield Mobile for a limited audience

Battlefield Mobile beta version is now out - Here is everything you need to know
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The much-awaited Battlefield Mobile's beta is finally here. EA has just released the test version of the game in Indonesia and the Philippines. This is a closed beta, meaning only a few select players from the countries mentioned have been given access to the game. Furthermore, the beta is only available for Android devices at the moment. If you are looking for more info on this beta, then you have come to the right place. 

Battlefield Mobile Beta version released in Indonesia and The Philippines

EA has just released the Battlefield Mobile beta in Indonesia and the Philippines, selected players from these countries who pre-registered for the game can now download and play Battlefield Mobile via Google Play.

Will the beta expands to more countries?

EA had mentioned that they would expand the size of the beta test and add new regions over time. However, they did not provide a date for that. Instead, all they mentioned is that when they are ready to go broader with the game, they will launch a page that will allow players to pre-register for the much-awaited FPS title.

Can players outside Indonesia and the Philippines take part in the Battlefield Mobile beta?

Officially, the players from Indonesia and the Philippines have been given access to the beta for Battlefield Mobile. But yes, players outside of these countries can play the game by downloading the APK file. It doesn't require a VPN to play as it directly connects with the game servers in the selected regions. 

What about Battlefield Mobile iOS beta?

There are no updates about the iOS Battlefield Mobile beta. EA has said that the current beta is only for Android users, and they have no information to share about the iOS beta yet.

About Battlefield Mobile

Battlefield mobile is an online multiplayer mobile FPS that will bring the popular series Battlefield to mobile. Battlefield mobile will be a free-to-play title with in-app purchases. The game is looking to compete with the likes of Activision's COD Mobile and Tencent's PUBG Mobile.

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