Battle Star Arena is a lane-battling micro strategy game out now for iOS

Our own Scott Westwood took a look at the game

Battle Star Arena is a lane-battling micro strategy game out now for iOS
  • Battle Star Arena is a new lane-conquering strategy game out now for iOS
  • Battle to overwhelm your opponent's fleet and take down their capital ship
  • Check out our YouTube video covering the game in detail!

Ah, conquering space. Is there any idea more blasphemous and yet compelling? Well if you want to enjoy bringing man's oldest sin of violence to the cold outer void, and do it all in the palm of your hand, then maybe Battle Star Arena is the game for you. And it's out now on iOS!

As you can see below in this video from our own YouTube channel (yes, we have one, don't cha know) you can see our video guy Scott Westwood having a go at the game himself. As he states it's a relatively simple game where you have three lanes, and multiple ships you can deploy amongst them with different abilities.

If you've played flash strategy games back in the day, this will be very familiar. It's basically a balancing act between having enough brute force to take down the opposing ship, while also having the variety to take on your opponent's own fleet as they deploy it. Super straightforward, but that doesn't necessarily mean simple.

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Battle for the stars

While Battle Star Arena could never profess to be some game of grand strategy, you only need to look as far as Scott's video to see the simple but compelling gameplay loop it offers. And while the AI does seem a bit one-note at times, Battle Star Arena also comes with an, allegedly quite difficult, PvP mode for all of you who want to pit your wits against other players.

You can have a go at Battle Star Arena, out now for iOS, completely for free!

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Iwan Morris
Iwan Morris
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