Battle Gang is an upcoming PvP game with hilarious ragdoll physics, open now for pre-registration

Battle Gang is an upcoming PvP game with hilarious ragdoll physics, open now for pre-registration

Indie developer Davit Mkrtchyan and his team have just announced its upcoming project, Battle Gang – Fun ragdoll beasts on Android and iOS. The game has been described as a multiplayer brawler with absurd physics and will be available soon on mobile. Currently, pre-registrations for this hilarious game are open.

Battle Gang draws inspiration from titles like Gang Beasts, and Human Fall Flat and aims to create a similar experience for mobile players who enjoy engaging in physics-based tasks with their friends. Add to that animal battles, ragdoll playgrounds, and party games, and you’re in for a hysterical ride with your buddies.

The game pits friends against each other in PvP combat as they wrestle as quirky characters. These include battle cats, warrior cats, capybaras, ninja turtles, squirrels, and wobbly dogs. Players can also take part in animal battles and monster gang fights which are filled with rubber bandits, comical beasts, and rebellious reptiles.

There are a bunch of different modes to try out in Battle Gang. Brawl mode offers classic 3v3 PvP action where players must earn points by knocking out and eliminating opponents. Sporty people can enjoy Football mode, which combines whacky physics with soccer mechanics. Kick the King, on the other hand, is akin to capture the flag and tasks players with obtaining and holding a crown in the match area.

Further, players can participate in Steal the Chicken, which involves catching and protecting hens from thieves, while also transporting them to designated zones. Finally, there’s a racing mode where five players go up against ragdolls whose moves are absolutely unpredictable. The goal is to avoid obstacles and get to the finish line as soon as possible.

Another cool gameplay aspect is the availability of superpowers, which add a whole new dimension. After collecting enough energy, players can unleash an onslaught of powerful moves on their opponent.

If you're interested in trying out Battle Gang, pre-register for the game using your preferred link below.

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