Battle Ella is a mix of puzzle RPG and a dating sim that is now out for Android users

The latest game by TAONPLAY is now available for Android

Battle Ella is a mix of puzzle RPG and a dating sim that is now out for Android users
| Battle Ella

Battle Ella is a brand new title that is not only a futuristic sci-fi puzzle RPG but also a dating sim. The game is developed by South Asian game developer TAONPLAY.

About the game

Battle Ella will see the adventures of 'Master' and the 'Ellas' unfold after the Great War in 2048 AD in a world of cataclysmic crisis. Players will have to become a master of Ellas and conquer the battlefield against futuristic mutants, machines, and other masters.

Game features

Battle Ella will offer an array of different game modes for players in the form of Battle Mode, Ranking Mode, and Story Mode. The game will also include a combat system that utilizes the popular 2048 puzzle game.

The battles will have players forming teams of 10 Ellas. There will also be a convenient auto-battle system with a toggleable auto items.

Battle Ella will also include a collection of illustrated characters in high-quality 3D, who can all be upgraded, boosted, and given various costumes. The characters will also be animated in live 2D.

Other prominent features in the game include the presence of over 100 stages with different monster configurations, rewards for completing missions, and various dynamic cutscenes.

Final Words

The biggest takeaway from Battle Ella is undoubtedly the focus on character details. Besides the inclusion of characters in high-quality 3D, several other inclusions, such as Live 2D animations, voice-overs, upgrades, and costumes all make it an apt title for gamers who are a fan of character customisation.

Other features included in this game aren't as noteworthy, but they all combine together to give us a commendable gaming experience.

Battle Ella is now available to download for Android users on Google Play. It is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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