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Mortal Kombat Onslaught kurrency guide

We have covered every kurrency including crystals, coins, Skull Orbs and Master Orbs as well as Arena Medals. Here's how you can acquire them.

Mortal Kombat Onslaught kurrency guide
  • Kombatants - Characters you can unlock with the traditional ‘C’ instead of ‘K’ used by the Mortal Kombat franchise.
  • Relics - Powerful Items that each character can only equip one of, and only to certain characters.

Mortal Kombat Onslaught is Netherrealms Studios’ new auto-battler game set in the world of Mortal Kombat where you fight across the Mortal Kombat Universe with a collection of characters both returning and new for this title.

Naturally, when you’re looking to upgrade your characters, summon new ones, collect items and participate in multiplayer battles, you’re going to need to know about kurrency. So here’s our guide to the currencies of Mortal Kombat Onslaught.

Krystals and other currencies in MK: Onslaught

Krystals & Koins

Your bread-and-butter currencies, Krystals are red gems that are used for buying new relics and Skull Orbs as well as exchanging for Koins. While Koins, which are…well, gold coins, are used alongside Fighter XP to upgrade your characters. Naturally, these are earned consistently through gameplay, such as the completion of story missions and daily log-ins, as well as the “Gong of Prosperity” which refreshes every hour.

Store in the game showing what you can buy with each currency

Skull Orbs and Master Orbs

Skull Orbs and Master Orbs are green and blue kurrency respectively which are orbs that have skulls in the middle. These are used to summon new fighters as well as to earn items and relics. Skull Orbs are earned pretty frequently through gameplay and through completing story questions, however, Master Orbs are rarer - the tradeoff being that the latter seemingly lets you acquire a character with each roll.

Cyrax in MK: Onslaught

Arena Medals

Arena Medals are a rare kurrency that resembles a throwing star or shuriken, gained by fighting either offensively or defensively in the multiplayer Arena Mode. They can be exchanged for powerful special relics as well as other rewards and are only obtainable in this game mode.

Arena Scrolls & Tower Energy

The Arena and Tower are both modes which offer greater rewards for greater risk. For these, you have two limited, time-refreshing currencies. Both of these refill over time, however, they won’t go over a certain threshold, so use them while you’ve got them!


Scorpion showcase

There are other consumable items you’ll need to be aware of. Fighter XP is used alongside coins to upgrade Fighters. Relic XP is used to upgrade relics, the rare items mentioned above that frequently provide a big boost to your combatants' fighting abilities.

Finally, there are Tomes, ranging from Apprentice to Grandmaster, which are used to upgrade your combatant’s abilities. Most of these are obtainable through story missions and gameplay.

It’s always the most confusing part of a new game, understanding the economy and currencies you need to improve your characters. And while many games go out of their way to inform you, some are still a little lacklustre. Hopefully, this guide to the currencies available in Mortal Kombat Onslaught will provide a little bit more background and help you avoid unnecessary purchases.

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