[Update] Battle Command! is sort of like a near-future Clash of Clans

Clash of Cans (Updated with Android details)

[Update] Battle Command! is sort of like a near-future Clash of Clans
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Updated on November 14th, at 09:25: Android gamers looking for some space-age clan-clashing can now pick up Battle Command! from the Google Play Store.

It's the same low price of nothing at all for Google gamers, too. So, if you fancy some base-building tactical shenanigans, why not give it a go? Or don't. Either way.

Original story follows...

Do you like Clash of Clans but wish it were more, well, futuristic?

Hmmmm, Battle Command! might be the game for you, then.

There's the same base-building, unit-creating, mission-completing backbone to the game here, you see.

Instead of assembling big beefy men and wizards, though, you're building sophisticated oil processing units and special gun turrets.

Building stuff takes time, and you'll have to spend crystals if you want to speed things up. Which you probably will want to, because who likes slow building? No one.

There are missions to complete in Battle Command!, while teaming up with friends makes your base stronger quicker, meaning you'll be able to kill those friendless losers in no time at all.

There are loads of units to unlock, strategies to learn, and buildings to, err, build.

Battle Command! is out on the App Store right now... if you'd like to give it a bash. I wouldn't judge you if you didn't, though.

Harry Slater
Harry Slater
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