Balls Race tips and tricks - Winning first time, every time

Smash through every level of Balls Race and win with our guide.

Balls Race tips and tricks - Winning first time, every time
| Balls Race

Balls Race is the latest addictive time-waster from Ketchapp, and this time they have you racing down a winding pathway while beating other balls to the finish line.

It’s as simple as it gets, but even then you’ll find yourself failing more than once. It’s a difficult hill to climb, but we’ve got some handy advice that’ll make you feel like a bit of cheat.

Follow the tips below and you’ll quickly learn the ins-and-outs of Balls Race, before coming first in every race. Trust us, you’ll get it quickly enough.

Keeping control

Balls Race is pretty similar to other avoid-the-obstacle games we’ve seen on mobile before; simply swipe from left and right on the screen to control your ball and navigate it left and right.

You’re on a flat horizontal plane here, with obstacles scrolling towards you. You can navigate left and right fairly quickly and accurately, so you can feel confident to dash between obstacles, but of course there’s a limit to how responsive your sudden leaps to the sides will be.

Competitors? What competitors?

It’s a race, right? That’s why it’s called Balls Race? Well actually, despite your legion of opponents, it’s not much of a race at all, far more of an obstacle course.

In reality, the other racers are AI opponents that just mimic the route you might take - you may also notice them taking some frankly impossible manoeuvres.

The main point to take on board here is that other racers are more of a distraction than a challenge - don’t concern yourself with getting ahead, you’ll win as long as you don’t crash.

Speeding through

Grabbing speed boosts to get ahead will be your main way to get through stages quickly, you’ll also speed past those other balls you’re “racing” against.

Speed boosts aren’t essential, but will help you quickly get ahead of everyone else so you have a clear view of the route ahead.

Grabbing speed boosts is great, but of course with more speed comes less time to react to obstacles. Luckily, just not hitting speed boosts will slow you slightly to a more comfortable speed.

Blocks in your way

These blocks are absolutely relentless, but luckily, most of them are easy to get past. The blocks which go on the sides of the track, almost like an overhead tunnel, are easy to manoeuvre around, as are stationary blocks, and the obvious ramps that you must run over.

More difficult though, are the rows of moving blocks. You can weave between them, but an easier method if staying to the sides, where you’ll often be able to break through without being hit.

Now, the really tricky ones are blocks that look stationary, but will suddenly move. You’ll likely think you just didn’t see them moving - nope, they really are that devious. If you do get hit, all I can really suggest is watching an ad to restart where you are, but the best way is to just keep to the sides and steer well clear of pretty much every block.

No surrender

Just keeping trying. Watching ads for a quick restart is a good way to jump back into the game, but more than anything determination a perseverance will pull you through.

The game does let you skip levels in return for watching an ad, but things only get harder, so it’s not really recommend.

Balls Race can be trying at the best of time, but with some grit and determination you’ll quickly have it completed.