New Badlanders update drops a new first-person mode and large indoor map

Also some Christmas goodies up for grabs

New Badlanders update drops a new first-person mode and large indoor map
| Badlanders

NetEase Games has launched a new update for its competitive survival game, Badlanders, bringing the long-awaited first person perspective mode, a new map, and some time-limited Christmas events and rewards.

The all-new FPP (first person perspective) mode enhances immersion by giving you the eyes of the soldier you’re playing as. Here it’s easier to sneak up on enemies, as they aren’t afford the luxuries of seeing a wide space around them as you can in third person perspective, but it also means you’ll have to watch your back for any players hoping to sneak one up on you. NetEase promises this mode to be an enhanced shooting experience for the game.

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There’s also a new map in Badlanders, which is set indoors to offer you a fresh and exciting experience. You should prepare for more up close and personal shootouts as enemies ambush you around every corner, and you prepare a new strategy to accommodate the new map that may differ from your usual ones.

The new update also adds more than ten new custom weapon skin themes to Badlanders’ DIY customisation feature, with possible themes including jungle, desert, and digital so you can always look your best on the battlefield.

And of course, since the season of cheer is upon us, the game will also usher in the holidays with some exquisitely prepared Christmas events, holiday appearances, weapon skins, titles, and avatars. The Top Agent Challenge is also coming, where players who reach the highest value of spoils on the battlefield will be honoured on the leaderboards and earn exclusive titles, medals and time-limited customisation options.

You can download Badlanders now from the iOS App Store or Google Play for Android. It’s a free to play title with in-app purchases.

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