Badlanders teases new content coming to the game in 2021 including a new map, weapons and more

Badlanders teases new content coming to the game in 2021 including a new map, weapons and more
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NetEase Games’ Badlanders has teased some new content that’ll be coming to the mobile action shooter throughout this year on iOS and Android, including a new map, new weapons and a day and night system.

An all-new map for Badlanders is in the works, and instead of a giant urban paradise setting the scene, this one now takes place in a desert. It’s bleaker and more open, where stranded boats, railroad tracks and campsites become new locations for you to engage in firefights or coordinate ambushes on unsuspecting scavengers. NetEase teases there’ll be many treasures to find buried beneath the yellow sands.

Badlanders is also expanding with some new weapons and attachments for you to scavenge on the battlefield. In total there’ll be five new weapons and three new attachments, which includes rifles, sniper rifles, light machine guns and submachine guns, which are each designed to meet your needs whether you want to shoot from afar or get up close and personal. The three new attachments also bring extended attributes to enhance your weapons with some new modification freedom.

Finally, Badlanders is also getting a new day and night system, periodically switching the map between different times of the day to bring in new variables to consider while on the battlefield. It’ll be easier to hide in the darkness under the cover of night, able to set up ambushes against enemy players, meanwhile, the break of dawn may reveal a sniper’s location.

All of these new features are coming soon to Badlanders, but you can play the game right now from the iOS App Store and the Google Play for Android store. It is a free to play title containing in-app purchases.

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