Tips to adapt to the loot-centric gameplay of Badlanders

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Tips to adapt to the loot-centric gameplay of Badlanders

This battle royale isn't as much about shooting as it is looting

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Badlanders is a brand new twist on the mobile shooter formula. We've seen dozens of battle royale and PUBG-likes pop up on mobile, enough to see PUBG issue a lawsuit at one point, but not many that attempt to step outside of the comfortable, tried-and-true shooter strategies.

Badlanders is, at least, a little different. It's like the developers took a good look at battle royale games on mobile as they stand today, and decided to use that base to overhaul the gameplay.

You spend so much time in any given battle royale game searching for loot, which can be pointless the second you get shot - here, the loot is the entire game, not kills or surviving, but finding the very best gear, regardless of whether you go down at the end.

This is a fresh take on battle royale, on a much smaller map than you might be used to, and it's well worth a look if you've grown jaded with shooters on mobile. For everything else you need to know, just read our tips below…

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The loot focus

So as I mentioned in that intro, one of the main things you'll be doing in Badlanders is looting, and not just your weapons.

What you need to do is find enough valuable loot before the escape routes open. You want to go in, collect as much value as possible, and then use the escape route at the end, all while shooting anyone that gets in the way.

So when you come across rarer loot (shaded in blue or green instead of grey) you should swap it for your less valuable loot - keep swapping out until you get all the loot you need to come out on top. Make sure to grab cash and valuable weaponry, too!

Get in, get out

Once you've looted up, it's time to escape, but there are several roadblocks in the way, and not necessarily just other players.

The first roadblock is how much value you've amassed. Frankly, if you're not worth that much, then the mission has been a waste.

The next is how much cash you have. If you don't have much cash, you might not even be able to use the escape point. Make sure to get a few stacks before moving out!

Swiping and swapping the loot

One of the best ways to get loot isn't actually running around buildings - it's taking it from others. The longer the game goes on for, the better the loot you'll find that other players have. If the time is running out and you can hear shots, it might be best to make a move.

But you should also remember to send some of your very finest finds to storage while you can - these items will be saved even if you die, so you can retain some progress.

It can be difficult to find loot if you land in a poor area, but the that just makes swiping from other players even more important.

Going in prepared

One of the big differences between Badlanders and other mobile shooters is the fact that, yes, you are looting a lot of the time, but you can bring your own weapons and equipment into the game, meaning there's no need to scrounge for the essentials.

You should always jump into the game with a basic body armour and a couple of decent weapons, but other than that, you can acquire most of what you need on-site while grabbing all of the valuable loot you can.

If you go in without the basic equipment, you'll find opponents take you out far too quickly. As you rank up and go up against tougher players, you might want to think about taking more equipment into battle.

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