The 8 weirdest games on iPhone and iPad

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The 8 weirdest games on iPhone and iPad
| Bad Hotel

These days, with Apple's mobile platform flooded by a never-ending deluge of top-notch titles, it takes quite a bit to break out from the crowd.

One way to achieve this is to make your game as bizarre and quirky as possible. And that's exactly what the developers of the following titles did. Here are 9 games that will make you say "what" and "huh" and "crikey".

Pizza Vs. Skeletons
By Riverman Media - buy on iPhone and iPad
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The weirdness within Pizza vs. Skeletons can be traced right back to its title, which is an early indicator of the game's total awesomeness.

Using the iPhone's accelerometer to maneuver a spinning dough-ball, you work your way through a varied set of objectives, leaving a trail of bony smithereens in the process.

There's a lot more here than mere slapstick humor; Pizza vs. Skeletons is inventive and refined, and boasts superb controls.

Bad Hotel
By Lucky Frame - buy on iPhone and iPad
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The phrase "tower defense" isn't exactly a hallmark of uniqueness, since the genre's gotten pretty played out as of late. However, exceptions do exist, and Bad Hotel is one of them.

That's not solely because of its graphical style or quirky enemy design - no, every action you perform produces music, creating a backing track that slowly evolves over time. It's a strange and brilliant idea, and the execution is equally good.

Desert Golfing
By Blinkbat Games - buy on iPhone and iPad
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Ironically, while Desert Golfing's developer denies the viability of "standing out" as a path to success, his own game's popularity is due to its unorthodox gameplay.

You see, there are neither objectives in Desert Golfing beyond making it to the next hole - of which there are at least 10,000 - nor any story to speak of; there's nothing more than a ball, a hole, and terrain in between.

Its simplicity is what makes Desert Golfing special, and worth playing as well.

By David O'Reilly - buy on iPhone and iPad
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Is MTN a game? It's arguable. But, it's in the games section of the App Store, and it's too weird to pass up for this list.

Here's the concept: watch a levitating mountain spin aimlessly in empty space as random items fall from the sky onto its surface. Oh, and sometimes the mountain speaks.

MTN won't suit everyone, particularly those lacking patience, but others with more persistence might find it emotionally powerful. Or not.

By Nitrome - buy on iPhone and iPad
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What the heck is a "Gunbrick?" That doesn't matter, though, when the game itself is both visually stunning and mentally taxing in the best way.

At first glance, you might think Gunbrick fits in with Nitrome's score-chasing titles, but this bizarre package is more puzzle than action, as it centers on strategically maneuvering the titular vehicle to bypass traps.

Fans of Gunbrick should also check out Silly Sausage, which is almost as zany and just as fun.

By Colin Lane - buy on iPhone and iPad
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Once you see Wrassling in action, it's not difficult to understand how the game is played - there are two sets of arrows for directional and arm movement, with another button for jumping.

What makes Wrassling unusual isn't the control scheme but rather the physics engine, which is wonky enough to ensure that tossing combatants out of the ring stays unpredictable and riotous. Even if you're entirely without skill, Wrassling is still a good time.

Backflip Madness
By Hubert Sliwka - buy on iPhone and iPad
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Ahh, Backflip Madness, a game of backflips and failed backflips that end with your character's hilariously brutal death.

And there will be many of the latter, indeed: this one-button faceplant simulator isn't what you'd call forgiving, so you'll need excellent timing to avoid getting digital blood all over the sidewalk.

Yes, the presentation is a wee bit unpolished, but there's little else like Backflip Madness, making it worth a try.

Ridiculous Fishing - A Tale of Redemption
By Vlambeer - buy on iPhone and iPad
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If you haven't already played Ridiculous Fishing, you can probably guess from the title that certain additions have been made to grandpa's favorite pastime, including a large arsenal of firearms.

That's right; not only do you extract aquatic prey from the sea in Ridiculous Fishing, you also pump 'em full of lead, which is somehow a profitable endeavor. For those not in the know, the descriptions in the Fishopedia shouldn't be missed.