Azur Lane's Dawn of the New Year event welcomes the Spring Festival 2022 with new outfits and characters

Azur Lane's Dawn of the New Year event welcomes the Spring Festival 2022 with new outfits and characters

Yostar’s naval shoot em’ up Azur Lane has just launched the Dawn of the New Year event to celebrate the upcoming 2022 Spring Festival. It will introduce five new characters, 19 new skins, and numerous events and rewards for all commanders.

The Dawn of the New Year event will run until February 9th, featuring a multitude of mini-games and event missions. After completing these missions, players can add new characters like Fu Shun, An Shan, Hai Tien and Hai Chi to their squad. One of Chang Chun, Tai Yuan, Taihou, Enterprise, Belfast, Ning Hai, and Ping Hai can also be invited via the Spring Festival Invitation event. Additionally, clearing events will also unlock outfits for Ying Swei and U-73 as well as retrofit items for An Shan and Chang Chun.

Out of the five new characters being added with this event, Bristol and Charybdis are super rare heroes and Chen Hai, Hai Tien, and Hai Chi are elite characters. The two super rare units and Chen Hai will be in the Light Construction Pool rate-up while Hai Tien and Hai Chi can be obtained from a special mini-event.

How will the new characters fit in? Well, you should check our Azur Lane tier list to check it out!

The new skins coming to Azur Lane will have a Dragon Emperor style to them. Players can get their hands on Dawn-Phoenix's Summons (L2D) for Akagi, Red Chamber of Healing (L2D) for Charybdis alongside other 17 skins. Qi Pao-themed like Cait Sith Crooner (L2D) and Pungent Plum (L2D) are also returning to the shop. As a bonus, everyone will receive two rental outfit vouchers to check out skins like Tales from the Empery for Bristol, Vestibule of Wonders for Chen Hai and The Keystone General for Pennsylvania.

Players can also enjoy goodies from the Lunar New Year Lucky Bag 2022. Finally, a new Dragon Empery Estate alongside previous years’ Spring Festival Furniture Sets have been added to the shop.

Get your hands on all these new items by downloading Azur Lane for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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