Avatar: Reckoning releases new trailer offering up a deeper look at the game

Avatar: Reckoning releases new trailer offering up a deeper look at the game

Archosaur Games has teamed up with the legendary Tencent, Lightstorm Entertainment, and Disney themselves to offer up a new trailer for the upcoming mobile game; Avatar: Reckoning. It is of course based on the famous Avatar movie and is a shooter RPG that takes place within the movie’s setting of the alien planet Pandora. Given the whole “futuristic soldiers clashing with a primitive clan of creatures” setting, you can expect lots of unconventional weaponry alongside laser rifles and giant mech suits.

In case you missed the movie way back when, Avatar sees a large military corporation come into contact with a tribe of aliens that are pretty much in their stone age, then go right to war with them in an effort to drain their home planet, the aforementioned Pandora, for all of its natural resources. It has received a video game adaptation before in the old console third-person shooter movie tie-in, but this is the first time it has set its sights on the mobile market.

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As for gameplay, it’s pretty vague at the moment on the details. We know it’s a shooter, and we know it’ll have RPG mechanics, but beyond that, it’s slim pickings. Judging by the trailer and the focus on the alien race, it seems likely that you’ll mostly be playing in their shoes rather than the humans, but it’s quite possible you might switch between both, or perhaps even choose. Again though, this is all speculation, so for now all we have is said trailer and some screenshots you can find over on the official website.

So, whether a fan of the movie or just a gamer looking for a new big-budget shooter mobile game, Avatar: Reckoning could be just what you need. For now, we have no pre-order or pre-registration, and the website itself is still untranslated from its initial Chinese launch, so it’s possible global release date is far off as well. For now, we’ll just have to stay on our toes for more news as it comes throughout the rest of the year.

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