Avatar: Reckoning, the mobile adaptation of the popular film series, set to open closed beta testing soon

Avatar: Reckoning, the mobile adaptation of the popular film series, set to open closed beta testing soon

The highly anticipated mobile adaptation of the massively successful film series Avatar, appropriately entitled Avatar: Reckoning, is soon set to open up its closed beta for gamers within the Philippines on June 7th. This closed beta will give a small look into the huge world of Reckoning, allowing players to get ready for the full launch planned to drop soon.

Avatar is one of the biggest film series out there, despite only having two entries so far. With the recently released sequel to the first movie, the series has only gotten further along in success and fame, so it makes a lot of sense for a mobile game variant to pop up at last. And given this mobile game acts as a quasi-sequel separate from the actual film sequel, it’s a nice little spin-off story that makes for an enjoyable take on the story events.

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Within Avatar: Reckoning, you’ll be playing as an Avatar yourself who can be customized and levelled up to become your own unique character. Your goal is to defend your land from the militant RDA forces as you take part in PvP events and PvE alike, alongside a single-player story and cooperative game modes too. As you can tell, this game is quite loaded with content, so Avatar fans will not be left starved for more content related to this fantastic sci-fi world.

Story-wise, as stated before, this game acts as a sort of fan sequel to the first movie. It isn’t directly related to many of the events, though there may be appearances from fan-favourite characters, but think of Reckoning as its own beast. There will even be fresh and new characters for you to grow attached to as well, so this is one exciting release to watch.

And soon, players within the Philippines will be able to try it out for themselves when that closed beta launches on June 7th. If you’d like to apply for said beta, check out the official website!

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