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Ava is a stunning, emotional puzzler inspired by tarot cards and medieval art

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Ava is a stunning, emotional puzzler inspired by tarot cards and medieval art
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Ava is a stylish puzzle game from developer Stardust that aims to deliver a personal story about being a member of a minority, broaching issues of gender, discrimination, and prejudice as it goes.

At the same time, it's described as "the kind of story you'd heard at a campfire", almost akin to a classic fairy tale passed down through the generations.

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It tells the tale of Ava, a young princess, who one day heads out to explore a magical forest in the hopes of lifting her curse. Ava's destiny will be laid out by you via the turn of in-game tarot cards, which is a neat idea that I'm looking forward to seeing in practice. 

Every level here is inspired by tarot cards and medieval art, and they each boast an interactive illustration that doubles as an elaborate puzzle. As you progress, you'll continue to unlock new cards that can then be used to solve future challenges, building upon the game's core mechanics in a very gradual way. 

I can't think of many other mobile games quite like it, which is always cause for celebration in my book. If you're similarly interested, Ava is now available for purchase from both the App Store and Google Play. It's priced at $0.99 or £0.99.

I've got it installed and will be giving it a go as soon as I can. Its sense of style and creative approach to multi-layered puzzles definitely have me intrigued. More info can be found on the game's official site

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