Auto Chess cheats, tips - Essential tips for winning battles

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Auto Chess cheats, tips - Essential tips for winning battles

Fight through every round with these advanced tips

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Winning in Auto Chess: Origins isn't as simple as you might think. Yes, the battle will play out automatically, but your preparations will mean the difference between victory and failure, without a doubt.

You need to rank up units, equip with them items, and utilise advanced strategies to ensure you come out on top every single time.

As such, we've got for you here a fresh bunch of advanced tips, and these will help you exact revenge on those enemies that lay in your way, and win every single round. Get ready to get a streak…

Auto strategy

Auto Chess

If you want to win your battles in Auto Chess: Origins, then you will need these tips, that much is certain.

You will already know that Auto Chess isn't much like chess, instead seeing a menagerie of absurd monsters do battle for you automatically on a black and white chess grid.

But their automatic fights doesn't mean you don't have to put the effort in. Your strategy will be what carries you through the rounds, and without some active effort, you might not be able to fight through.

The monsters you choose will be the first key point. Monsters attack at different ranges and have different abilities. More expensive monsters will, shockingly, often be more powerful.

Then you'll have to think about their ranks, and their positioning on the field. It's not as simple as just throwing a bunch of monsters out and hoping for the best. Though, that is part of it, admittedly.

First, try to make sure you have a good balance of close up melee characters to absorb hits, and ranged attacks that can stack up the DPS from a safe distance. This will easily clear through most simple stages.

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Loading the battlefield

When you have plenty of monsters on the bench and field and can't decide which to throw out, just let the game decide for you.

Throw out all of your monsters onto the field, far more than you're allowed to. As the game starts, your weaker monsters will be returned to the bench.

Though be aware, if you don't have room on the bench, your monster will be sold.

Team buffs

If you stack up with a certain type of monster on the field, you can buff your entire team.

For example, multiple Beast type units on the field will give a big power buff to all of your units. This can make the fight much easier.

There are several different types of bonuses like this. Just look at the top right of the screen for any buffs currently in place, or what you can work towards.

Positioned to win

The positioning of your units can be just as important as their overall power. After all, units will often only move in a strict manner, only picking one of eight ways to move.

This means where they begin can make it more difficult for them to move into place and attack. But also, are your ranged units nearer the back, and do they have melee units in front to defend them?

Some enemies will often use a turtle strategy, which involves clustering your team together in a corner. This can work, but so can an even spread. Just make sure to keep ranged units at the back.

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