Auto Chess cheats, tips - How to play chess automatically

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Auto Chess cheats, tips - How to play chess automatically

It's not actually chess, nor all that automatic

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Auto Chess: Origins has hit Android and iOS devices, and it's offering a brand new way to play chess. By not really being chess at all. Oh. It is pretty much automatic, however.

Here you'll be taking control of a range of monsters and pitting them against each other in a gauntlet of trials so you can overcome online opponents. Sound good?

Right here we've got the essential tips you need to know on how to play. If you want to become an expert at Auto Chess, these are the things you need to keep in mind, from beginning to end.

Not much like chess

Auto Chess

The first thing you'll notice about Auto Chess: Origins is that it's actually not much like chess at all. Sure, we have a few knights and what you could consider pawns, but the powers these monsters have wouldn't allowed in regulation chess matches.

Here you'll be buying up and deploying a range of monsters that will themselves navigate a chess field, and destroy their enemies. You won't have to worry about the actual rules of chess, just throw down powerful enemies and they will, hopefully, get the job done.

As you play you'll level up, opening new monsters for you to use, and items to equip them with. It's a lot to take in at first, but after this guide - and a couple of games to practice - you'll know what you're doing.

The main problem with this game is that it's quite slow, and because you're playing against online opponents, there's no way to speed it up. You only really need to be active in the preparation phases, too, which lengthens the amount of time you'll spend waiting.

Nonetheless, Auto Chess is a fun way to pass the time, and well worth playing. Now here's how to play like a pro…

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Shopping for victory

How you get your monsters - or chess pieces, whatever - in Auto Chess is through an in-game shop which is running throughout your battle.

As soon as you begin you'll need to buy a monster for your bench, and deploy it. You need to check the shop every turn.

Buy stronger monsters as the game goes on, and three of a monster can be sacrificed for a single, higher rank monster. This is pretty much always worth it, especially when you can only have a low monster count in battle.

Item enhancements

As you play through rounds and level up, you'll get access to a bunch of items you can equip to your monsters to make them more powerful.

Their effects are massively varied, but you essentially want to make good matches. Power increases for the melee units, for example.

You simply have to open your bag and drag items on to your units to equip them, just make sure you don't end up with fully equipped units on the bench.

On and off the bench

The bench is the holding area for your units. You can save up units here for ranking up, or decide to sell them if you need more money.

If you play for long enough, it won't be hard to fill up your bench, which is definitely when you should sell some of the weaker units.

Try not to fill up your bench, but definitely stack stronger monsters here ready to rank up and slay opponents.

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