Minter-inspired retro shooter Attack of the Kraken coming to iPhone this week

Vintage sea monster slaughter ahoy

Minter-inspired retro shooter Attack of the Kraken coming to iPhone this week
| Attack of the Kraken

There's a good chance that most of you have seen the mythical Kraken twice. Once in the 1981 blockbuster Clash of the Titans, and once in the 2010 blockbuster Clash of the Titans.

They're not the same Kraken. The 1981 Kraken looks like a muddy action man in a sink, buffeted by waves that wouldn't trouble a duck. The 2010 Kraken looks like an appalled volcano and can make new weather systems by roaring. Which is better? No contest – the stop-motion bath toy wins every time.

Gamers more than most know that retro is where the all the flavour is, which is presumably why Quantum Sheep's forthcoming iPhone shooter Attack of the Kraken comes to iPhone in the style of a vintage shooter.

Inspired by Jeff Minter classics like Attack of the Mutant Camels, as well as John Wyndham's novel The Kraken Wakes, Attack of the Kraken is a 2D side-scrolling affair in which you have to take down Krakens and UFOs. There are ten types of baddie in all, including missile-firing Kraken and radar-fudging Jammers, and 16 levels across seven environments in which to swat them.

Despite the simplicity of the premise and the game's appearance, Quantum Sheep has apparently attempted to give Attack of the Kraken's gameplay some depth.

For instance, the stronger your shield is, the more points you get for killing baddies. If you kill a baddie whilst rocking maximum shields you get a Perfect Kill, which adds to your research level for that enemy. Once you've fully researched an enemy it becomes easier to kill, and loses its special power where relevant (that is, the Jammer stops being able to jam.)

Quantum Sheep also promises easter eggs and a narrative that propels the story forward.

Attack of the Kraken has been submitted to Apple, and should be available this week for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPod touch 3G.

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