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Astracraft is a sandbox mech combat game out now for iOS and Android

Astracraft is a sandbox mech combat game out now for iOS and Android
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NetEase Games has released Astracraft today, a sandbox game about creating and battling mechs, on iOS and Android.

What’s unique about this one is it combines both creation and battle aspects of the sandbox genre to be enjoyed at the same time. In Create Mode, you create mechs using an assortment of assets and a rich map editor, where you’re not only able to customise your battleships, mechs and spacecraft, but also build your own worlds and maps to your heart’s content.

Then there’s Battle Mode, where you command your mechs to fight in a variety of different situations. Anything goes in the Infinite Arena, where you battle with opponents in a rule-free zone, whereas Storm Mode and King of the Hill offer rounds with objectives for you to focus on.

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But that’s not all, as Astracraft also has bonus Race and Party Modes. Race lets you use your vehicles to duke it out using skills and items on the road, while Party is more about having fun with other players in several casual minigames.

As a bonus, Astracraft is also launching the "Hopper's Partner Program" Influencer Recruit Plan, an initiative to encourage players to use their talents and creativity to make some inspiring creations on the battlefield. The 30 most popular creators will be selected each week to receive big in-game rewards.

So it sounds like Astracraft might be a great tool for the creative players out there. Fans of Roblox, Minecraft or LEGO might be well suited for it. You can download Astracraft now from the iOS App Store or Google Play for Android. It’s a free to play title containing in-app purchases.

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