Astracraft, the competitive sandbox games, adds new cores, items and a 5v5 map in its latest update

Astracraft, the competitive sandbox games, adds new cores, items and a 5v5 map in its latest update
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NetEase has rolled out an extensive update for its adventure title, Astracraft that brings in new New Cores, Items, Modules, and the 5v5 King of the Hill Map. This major update is called Ride to Arms.

The new core Armour Rat now has the ability to turn itself into a ball and can easily escape from a dangerous situation. The Bubble Gun can shoot bullets that stick to the vehicles and reveals its weak points.

Shining Starlight, the flashbang can now be thrown to a specific location and will blind the enemy for a period of time, which could prove quite useful in fleeing the area or to carry out a surprise attack on the enemy.

A new Chrono tracer is also coming with this update and awaits the players to find out its multiple uses. The trigger parts are now available and can be used in different ways with the help of the Party Editor.

The official party mode includes Aerial Dunk, which uses a spring to shoot the ball through the hoops. And a new challenge where players get to run across multiple barriers has also been added. The first one to reach the finish line becomes the winner.

Elsewhere, the maps are now enhanced and contain dozens of new elements that can be explored in-game. The new elements including a moving platform, a large windmill, pendulum, rotating gate and many more have also come in this update.

Finally, Ride to Arms will feature exclusive skins, avatars and frames that are now available to collect. For more detailed information on the update, log in to the game.

Astracraft is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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