Astar Tatariqus, a brand new strategy gacha RPG from the developers of Alchemist Code, announced for a future Japan release

Astar Tatariqus, a brand new strategy gacha RPG from the developers of Alchemist Code, announced for a future Japan release
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Mobile developer gumi, developers of hits like Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and Alchemist Code, has announced its latest project; a brand new IP entitled Aster Tatariqus. This one is a strategy RPG with gacha elements and takes on a top-down view as you lead armies through combat.

From the get-go, you can quickly see the biggest inspiration for Aster Tatariqus. This has Fire Emblem written all over it, utilizing grid-based combat and 2D sprites on a large open map to do combat with one another. Each character will have their own weapon choices and stats to build, so anyone familiar with tactics games, like the previously mentioned Fire Emblem or even Final Fantasy Tactics, will be right at home here.

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To go even further with the Fire Emblem analogy, in between combat stages, players will navigate a huge academy full of students to meet and learn about as well as recruit for battle. Fire Emblem Three Houses uses this concept very well, so it’s actually quite endearing to see a new mobile game tackle a similar idea with its own twists.

gumi has been out of the game for a while, with War of The Visions being their most recent release, so it’s pretty exciting to see a developer with plenty of experience in the tactics genre introduce a new setting with tons of new characters and a huge world to learn about.

Story details are pretty light, but you can pick up on the general vibe from the trailer below, which is unfortunately currently only available in Japanese. This does make sense, however, as Aster Tatariqus is currently only planned to be launched for Japanese audiences. Given gumi’s track record, however, I’d say a global version might be in the cards.

If you’re looking to learn more about this brand-new IP from the stellar developer, you can head over to the official website!

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