NBA 2K Mobile is a game that continuously receives free upgrades every year, usually around the time of the release of the next console/PC version. Well, with NBA 2K22 now released, the mobile game was already into its new season, ready to go. 

The mobile game plays a lot like the "big" game's wildly popular MyTEAM mode, which lets you collect cards of NBA stars both past and present. You can then take your collection of ballers and head to the hardwood. It's essentially like fantasy basketball, only you play the matches. 

However, for players who maybe aren't comfortable with the controls yet, it's a good idea to practice the game a bit. Unfortunately (a bit surprisingly), NBA 2K Mobile does not have a dedicated practise mode where you can freely work on your game. And so, you'll have to make do with the resources you have and so, we've got a few tips that allow you to practice as best you can. 

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