NBA 2K Mobile: Hints & Tips to help you on the hardwood

NBA 2K Mobile: Hints & Tips to help you on the hardwood

A basic look at three key elements

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NBA 2K Mobile plays similar to its console counterparts but with some tweaks that are obviously more fitting for mobile devices. The game plays a lot like MyTEAM which is extremely popular on the console version of the games. You collect cards that can be used to improve your lineup. 

Each player has an overall rating (or PWR level) based on the type of card it is. A diamond card would be considered a highly regarded player that would look good in any lineup. Players can be earned simply by playing through the game or by purchasing packs. There packs that are regularly being added to the game and usually have a theme to them. 

For example, there was the Rainmakers pack which was dedicated to the NBA's greatest three-point shooters. Of course, when buying packs, you'll have to get lucky and hope you strike gold with a good player, just like with the console version of MyTEAM. 

Gameplay is pretty easy to pick up and play but can be slightly tricky to master. This is an area we'll focus on with these tips when you hit the court. Believe it or not, defense is actually easier to play than offense but it still takes some practice to master. Whether you're an offensive or defensive-minded player, it's important to go out there and have fun. 

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Pass the ball often

It's always easy to overlook the art of passing, especially when we get caught up in running isolation with our favorite players. But make no mistake, dishing the rock is highly key to success, and it's one thing that we sometimes take for granted in any basketball game. 

It's so critical because this will lead to some excellent catch and shoot opportunities. And if you have a couple of good shooters on your team, then this is something you crave. Let your offense gain some separation, and allow guys to get open and get the ball out to them. 

If you have a big man, let him eat

Yes, the NBA has become more of a three-point shooting league, but having classic big man on your team can still be dangerous. What they lack in outside range, they deliver greatly in the paint. Not only is it effective in NBA 2K Mobile, but you see it a lot on NBA 2K20 also. If you have a center with a good strength rating, you'll give yourself some good inside looks.

The same applies to the mobile game. If you have a solid center on your squad, utilize him to your advantage. And no, it doesn't have to be Shaq or Kareem Abdul-Jabaar (although if you have them, you're a scary person). It could be a current star who has the ability to finish strong in the paint such as Andre Drummond or DeAndre Jordan among others.

Of course, bigger superstars will work great too, like Anthony Davis or Nikola Jokic who are both great post-scorers. They also both are decent three-point shooters too. Again, not saying you need these guys, but just giving you an idea of the styles of players to keep an eye for when collecting cards.

Get comfortable with your jumpshot

One of the signature features of the NBA 2K series is how they utilize jumpshot timing effectively. It has changed a bit over the years, but the concept is the same in that timing is everything on shots. The game now famously has the shot meter, which, if it turns green, that means you took the perfect shot.

These will drop every single time if you can get them. If you play NBA 2K20, then you'll know how unstoppable the 'Green Release' is if your timing is on point. On unbelievably rare occasions can you miss a Green Release. I did only once in one of the previous 2Ks (still can't believe it sometimes) so you have no worries about missing.

Some may find it unrealistic, but it has become a recognizable aspect of the NBA 2K universe. If you have some shooters on the team, play some quick games and practice their shots. It'll make those catch and shoot opportunities we talked about earlier much juicier.

Attempt more steals than blocks

Probably the number one way to slip up on defense is by spamming the block button (especially in the paint). Instead of going for the swat, it's better to go for the swipe and get a clean steal. In general, it's more ideal just to stay in front of your man, but if you're attempting to make a play, it's better to hit the steal button.

That doesn't mean you can't go for blocks, but your safest bet is to steal because spamming the block button could lead to an easy bucket for the opposing team (I know the feeling, trust me). Going for swipes allows you to stay in front of your man while leading to buckets on your end if you snatch the ball.

This seems obvious, but you'd be amazed at how easy it is to try and go for blocks. Make sure to take advantage of the Defend button which automatically locks your opponent down when you hold it. From there, you can easily slide over to the steal button at the right time. Defense wins championships as they say.


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