From the creators of "Piranha Escape" and "This is not a sorcerer's job" comes a quirky new title called "A Blob and his Box", bitmagine Studio’s latest free-to-play game that’s now available on Google Play for Android devices. The charming platformer takes players on a journey through the Temple of Zeela in a unique adventure in black and white.

A Blob And his Box features a different kind of platforming adventure that will put players’ precision skills to the test, all with a touch of physics. Players will join Fintch on his quest to collect all kinds of hidden treasures in the Temple of Zeela in pixel art graphics. The precision platformer encourages players to use their cunning and wits to get through the chambers, with enough of an addictive flavour that captivates from the very beginning.

Each chamber of the temple will present all kinds of dangers lurking in every corner, whether you’re figuring out how to work a simple lever or trying to find your way past locked doors. You’ll also have to maneuver through blades, as well as navigate past movable buttons and other challenging mechanisms. Do you have what it takes to make it through?

Available in English and Spanish, A Blob And his Box is now ready for download on the Google Play Store for Android devices. The fast-paced adventure is a free-to-play game with ads. The aesthetic of the game kind of reminds me a little bit of Mangavania, which you can take a peek at in our review here.

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