Updated October 3rd, 2021: New entries added

"You can't play platformers on a mobile phone". Just one of the many things you used to hear all the time from snobby console types.

You don't hear it quite so much these days. Why is that? We've got 25 reasons why in the following article, and there are many, many more.

Those developers cracked the mobile platformer codes years ago. They figured out the sticky matter of touch screen control, and got to grips with the unique requirements of playing in short, sharp snippets.

But they also figured out that they don't have to be too beholden to the past. All of these games tip their hats to the platforming genre greats in some way or other, but many also dare to branch out in interesting new directions, or to embrace those smartphone attributes as a feature, not a bug.

It also helps that smartphone technology has come on leaps and bounds, with huge, sharp screens and powerful laptop-level processors. There aren't too many areas of compromise in these 25 games.

Have we left your favourite iOS platformer out? Let us know what you'd include in the comments section below. When you are done with this one, you can hop into the list of best platformers for Android!