The Pegasus Dream Tour developer JP Games has announced that the RPG will host another virtual concert as part of an in-game closing ceremony. It will be headlined by Japanese sensation Virtual DREAMS COME TRUE on Sunday 5th September.

Naturally, this coincides with the conclusion of the real world Tokyo Paralympics event, whilst in-game it will simultaneously mark the end of The Pegasus Dream Tour’s Parasports Grand Prix. The developers hope the concert brings players together in the virtual world to celebrate the conclusion of the games.

The concert itself will be free, so all you need to do is download the game to witness the events unfold. However, players can also purchase A or S concert tickets to enjoy virtual VIP seating areas and exclusive in-game interactions with the artists.

The timings for the virtual concert are as follows:

1 11:00 02:00
2 18:00 09:00
3 23:00 14:00

If you are unfamiliar with Virtual DREAMS COME TRUE, they are a group that includes Masato Nakamura (bassist, composer, and arranger) and Miwa Yoshida (vocalist, composer, and performer). Their music has changed direction since 2019, and fans can look forward to a new song called Tsugi no se no! -ON THE GREEN HILL DCT VERSION-”, which will release on 22nd September.

Even though The Pegasus Dream Tour is the official game for this year's Paralympic games, it doesn't end here. In an interview I did with the team, they said they intended to keep the spirit of the games alive long after they conclude. So, we can expect more content in the future, including an Avatar Gala Party Concert on Sunday 19th September that will feature J SOUL BROTHERS III from EXILE TRIBE.

The Pegasus Dream Tour is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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