The Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and Final Fantasy VII Remake collaboration is officially underway, running until August 18th! That means your favourite Final Fantasy VII characters are coming, albeit pixelated, to mobile!

Square Enix is pumping a lot of content with this collaboration and here’s everything you can enjoy for the next two weeks.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Units

SUMMONS!!! You can summon the legendary Sephiroth as a Neo Vision unit as well as Biggs and Wedge from Avalanche as 5–7-star characters. Barret from FFVIIR is also NV Awakenable now. 

Free Daily Summon

More summons, but these are free! Until August 20th, you have the chance to perform sixteen free daily 10 summons, making a huge total of 160 free summons. Also, there is a chance to receive Sephiroth and Tifa from these summons.

ffvii sephiroth

Neo Vision Login Reward

Obtain the amazing Cetra Descendant Aerith just by logging in before August 18th. That right. Just log in and get Aerith for free!

Raid Event: Destiny's Crossroads

Complete event missions to grab the exclusive Masamune weapon from FFVIIR and the recipe to enhance it. You also have a chance to win items like Sephiroth’s Gloves, Barret's Shades, and an NV EX Ticket.

Chronicle Battle: Rufus Shinra

Reward yourself with the Brave Insignia for FFVII units among other rewards by facing off with Rufus Shinra. Push your limits and you’ll also end up with the Weapon Guard Stick and the recipe for its enhancement.

Friend Point Daily 10 Fragment Summon

Summon a maximum of 10-unit fragments using 10,000 Friend Point daily, to awaken Neo Vision units.

This collaboration is the definition of perfection if you're a Final Fantasy fan. Everyone’s favourite Final Fantasy VII characters have made their way to the amazing and exhilarating Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius.

Why don’t you join in for the fun as well by downloading Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius for free on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

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