The much-awaited Apex Legends Mobile's beta version has just arrived on Android and if you are having trouble getting into the game, then don't worry. We have tried to cover all the common Apex Legends Mobile errors alongside the solutions in this here article.

First things first, Apex Legends Mobile's beta has just been launched in select regions. The developers are only accepting a limited number of players on a first-come-first-serve basis, so hurry and grab your seat by downloading Apex Legends Mobile's beta right away!

Apex Legend Mobile beta errors

Since the beta of Apex Legends Mobile has just been released in Hong Kong for now and fans of the franchise are trying to download the game from all around the world via third-party app stores, using VPNs, and the like, errors are bound to show up.

If you are facing any errors while booting up the game, then match the error codes to the list below, and you will find more details about it and maybe even a way to fix it.

Apex Legends Mobile Error Code 102505 - Maximum number of server logins

You will get Error Code 102505 in Apex Legends Mobile when the servers of the game are busy. It means the maximum number of players are already playing on the servers. You can just try logging into the game after 10 to 15 minutes, and it should be fixed.

Apex Legends Mobile Error code 102505

Apex Legends Mobile device not supported error

Unfortunately, since this is a hardware issue, there is no way you can fix it. The only way to fix it is to get your hand on a good device that supports the game.

Here are the minimum requirements to run the Apex Legends Mobile beta, for your reference:

  • Chip requirements: Qualcomm 660 and above, Kirin 710 and above, MediaTek P60 and above, Samsung 7885 and above.
  • RAM ≥ 4GB
  • Screen resolution ≥ 720

Device not supported

Error Code 102555 - Region not yet open for testing

Since the beta version has only been launched in Hong Kong, if you try to log into the game from any other country, you will get Error Code 102555. This can be easily fixed using a VPN and connecting to the 'Hong Kong' server before starting the app.

Error code 102555

Error Code 102512 - Server full

This means you are not a regular reader of Pocket Gamer and therefore missed out on the opportunity to get in the Apex Legends Mobile's beta straight away. Since the developers are not taking any new players, you have no option but to wait for the developers to open up new slots.

So that concludes our post on Apex Legends Mobile Beta: All errors and the solutions. For more tips and tricks and guides for the game, stay tuned with us.

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