Darkness Rises is celebrating its third anniversary with special in-game events and a new Character Awakening system. The epic fantasy RPG from Nexon America is also adding a new Demonic Raid, a new Royal Kitty Pet, plus free gifts for players who log into the game from now until August 22nd.

The third-person action mobile title now lets players’ existing characters transcend current abilities via Awakening. Unlocking these new traits through the Character Awakening system boosts the power of character abilities.

Meanwhile, the new Demonic Raid lets players earn exclusive Wings and test their might against the high-level boss Bakura in a real-time co-operative raid. You can team up with up to two other players in order to acquire high-level Rank L equipment, as well as win tons of crafting materials you can use to upgrade your gear. You also get extra points if you team up with guild members.

As for limited-time events, players who log into the game from now until August 22nd will receive a free anniversary gift containing two Level 60 Rank S++ Weapons. Logging in every day until August 16th also lets you earn Gold, Gems, Pet Summon Tickets, Gear Summon Tickets, Rank S Refining Stones, Rank S Jewels, and Rank S Runes. And finally, players will also be able to participate in a special roulette event until August 17th held at Iron Guard Square. The Lucky Spin can reward players with four types of anniversary coins that can be exchanged for gold.

Mission events, a costume collection buff, new Military Band costumes, and more await users during the third anniversary. If you’re eager to join the celebrations, Darkness Rises is available to download on the App Store and on Google Play. It’s a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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