July should be tagged the month of anniversaries for mobile games it seems. KLab Inc.’s Bleach: Brave Souls launches six years ago and celebrations will begin on July 23rd from 4 pm JST.

The event has been divided into rounds and Round 1 begins with the event launch. This will be a 6th Anniversary Step-Up Summons event where players will have a chance to get the sixth-anniversary version of Sosuke Aizen. There are 12 steps in total - the first being free - and steps 6-12 guarantee at least one of the twelve 5-star characters.

The next celebration will involve players getting to choose their own 6-star Summons. There are ten characters to choose from and the Summons will guarantee the one you pick.

Another Summons related reward is free daily summons! Until the 16th of August, players will have a chance to perform a free x10 summon daily for up to ten days. This totals 100 summons with Step 10 assuring a 5-star character.

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Also, catch the new quest that is available until August 10th. It's called “From the heavens, from the stars”. Clear Event Orders related to this event to earn unique anniversary-themed accessories and more rewards.

The next quest is the 6th Anniversary Tower. To celebrate 6 years of Bleach: Brave Souls, a tower has appeared in the Senkaimon Quest, a single player high difficulty quest. These two examples are simply the new quests being introduced, there will be many more additional campaigns to enjoy as well. 

In addition to the in-game events, there are also other events like “Character Guess Who” and art events you can check out on the official website. There is also a retweet campaign on Bleach: Brave Souls’ official Twitter. 2,000 lucky winners will get a lot of prizes! Prizes include Brave Souls Original Acrylic Block, an Amazon gift card or a Revolution Pro Controller 3.

Participate in these events to receive prizes and enjoy all the rewards you are getting in-game as well! Let the celebrations begin!

Download Bleach: Brave Souls on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

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