Dead Cells breaks the mold as the mobile action platformer sells a whopping two million units in China. This news comes as proof that the idea that only free-to-play games do well in the region is indeed a common misconception, as Dead Cells’ success as a premium title is likely a result of long-term support and continuous value for players.

Playdigious’ mobile version of Dead Cells hits the two million mark just six months since the release of the paid title in China. The roguelite title by Motion Twin was initially released on PC in 2017, and was ported onto mobile devices.

According to Xavier Liard, co-founder and CEO of Playdigious, “We are committed to dispelling the misconception that console-like paid games can't work technically and financially on mobile. We believe that the incredible success and massive reach demonstrated by Bilibili, our local Chinese partner, really shows that there's an enormous untapped market for quality premium mobile titles. We were very impressed by their marketing force, and also their adeptness at managing both a leading local video-sharing platform and an Android AppStore.”

It's our pleasure to bring a high-quality game like Dead Cells to mainland China,” adds Zhang Feng, Senior Vice President of Bilibili. “We are excited to see Dead Cells achieve great popularity in China. During the whole process, we have been impressed by Playdigious' deep understanding of product design and user demands. Bilibili's users represent the trends and culture of China's young generation and their evolving entertainment demands. Bilibili Game will continue to prioritize high-quality content and provide more offerings to Chinese gamers.”

Dead Cells is available to download on the App Store and on Google Play for a premium price of $8.99.

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