Fans of Yostar’s strategic RPG Arknights will now be able to explore beyond Rhodes Island in the latest Arknights Story Series, “Beyond Here”. The new story event will not only give players an inside look at the customs of other regions in Terra, but it will also offer tons of rewards, Outfits, a new themed Furniture Set, plus three new Operators.

Made up of seven story series, the “Beyond Here” event will walk players through the events that transpired in Lungmen and Iberia, as well as provide a clearer picture as to why Hoshiguma joined Rhodes Island. Arknights’ latest story arc will also provide details on what Ch’en did after the Roaring Flare Battle.

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Running from now until July 16th, the narrative will introduce 6-star Sniper Archetto - a deadly Operator with high attack speed who can prioritize aerial units and restore SP to deployed Sniper allies. After you deploy Archetto, she can gain a shield that, when broken, lets her recover her SP. Joining her is 5-star Caster Iris - she can store her attack if there are no targets on the field, increasing her damage dealt until a target appears.

Finally, 4-star Vanguard Beanstalk joins the fray as a summoner-type Vanguard. She can designate on Tactical Point as well as call Metal Crabs as Reinforcements. Aside from new arrivals at the in-game store, players can also score Wondrous Postcards and other rewards from clearing stages during the limited-time event. Prizes include Silence’s new outfit Frosted Breath, Elite materials, Battle Record, and LMD to name a few.

Arknights is available to download on Google Play and on the App Store as a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. You can visit the official website to know more about the game.

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