Indie publisher Future Friends has just announced the upcoming release of Omno, the epic single-player adventure created by solo dev Jonas Manke a.k.a. Studio Inkyfox. The atmospheric 3D puzzle platformer features majestic animals and breathtaking visuals set against the backdrop of a gorgeous open-world environment, and it’ll soon come to PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Game Pass on July 29th.

Omno has been in development for three years (starting out as a crowdfunding project on Kickstarter in 2018), and based on the stunning gameplay footage below, it seems like the wait is totally worth it. In Omno, players will embark on an enchanted journey through ancient forests, lost civilizations, endless deserts, and seas of clouds. You’ll soar through tundras and solve puzzles, discovering hidden truths and challenging secrets along the way.

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I first started creating Omno just for fun - I mostly just wanted to make a world I could escape to after work,” says Omno creator Jonas Manke. “It was only after sharing some of the stuff I was making with friends and family that I thought maybe I could actually turn this into something people might actually want to play! Being here now, nearly 5 years later, with a successful Kickstarter campaign and a game about to launch on PC & consoles still feels like a dream to me.”

Omno is essentially a Journey-esque pilgrimage to find yourself, all while riding gargantuan creatures and befriending magical critters with no combat needed. There’s no price tag on the game just yet ahead of its launch (and a Switch version will supposedly be available sometime this year as well), but you can stay updated by visiting the website to know more.

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