Kawaii Mansion, Imba’s charming hidden object game, lets players design their homes by scouring the beautifully drawn environment for decors and special trinkets. You'll get to know guests in a gorgeous mansion and design your own home while you're at it. Currently in Early Access on Google Play, the adorable title will officially launch on July 8th.

It’s cuteness overload as Kawaii Mansion - as evident from the name of the game itself - takes players on a lighthearted, stress-free journey to discover hidden treasures in ancestral homes. Looking for these concealed gems means keeping your eyes peeled for the slightest object that looks out of place - of course, staring at the stunning backgrounds all day is a delight in itself considering how “kawaii” everything is.

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Successfully finding objects lets you earn stars, but it’s not all about scavenger hunts. The game also features different modes like the Basic Keyword Mode, the Silhouette Mode, the Clean Cobwebs mode, the Find The Difference mode, and even the unconventional Flipped mode. You can also feed your inner designer by creating your dream home from the stars that you earn, all while reveling in the everyday stories of main protagonist Noah’s guests in the mansion.

Kawaii Mansion is currently in Early Access on Google Play ahead of the official launch. If you’re eager to know more about the latest updates in the game, you can follow the community of fans over on the official Facebook channel, or visit the official website for all the “kawaii” goodness. You can also get a feel of the gameplay in the embedded YouTube clip above.

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