Fiveamp LLC has released MergeCrafter for both iOS and Android devices, letting players match, build, and merge their way to bigger and brighter worlds. The puzzle adventure combines match-3 and match-5 elements with crafting and harvesting, all packaged nicely in an adorable, pixel art world.

In MergeCrafter’s tycoon sim, you’ll have to harvest and combine different items to expand your environment and heal the lands around you. You’ll not only embark on exploration quests as you unlock more worlds with every new merge, but you’ll also be able to play through dungeons (guarded by dragons!) and battle Bandits to lend friendly NPCs a helping hand.

Healing the dark lands means restoring the different Biomes to their former beauty, and you can start by combining even the smallest items to create something new. For instance, a Fruit Tree Seed merges into a Fruit Tree Sprout. You can merge an Acorn for sprouts as well, with an extra bonus for a Merge-5.

Then, you’ll have to chop trees and harvest resources, mine ores, and create your tools using the resources you’ve gathered. You can enchant your tools to give them extra buffs as well. You can also help Kaylee, the resident witch-slash-botanist, to make a record of all the plants on the island with her Almanac.

MergeCrafter is now readily available to download on the App Store and on Google Play, and you can play the game offline. The charming background music is pretty chill too, so you can dive into the relaxing experience even without an internet connection. It’s a free-to-play game with in-app purchases - for instance, you’ll have to watch a short video to double your treasure chests or whatnot.

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