Have you ever wondered if - theoretically - one of your favourite mobile games would make an equally great TV show? There are some mobile games with truly imaginative narratives and an incredible cast of characters out there, so it would only be natural to try and picture them on a bigger screen. They could unfold some hidden plot and even answer some key questions from the game! All that sounds amazing, right?

Cyber Group Studios recently announced something that left many of us in awe - the beloved Final Fantasy IX will finally receive an animated adaptation, for the first time ever. Gone are the days when the only animations would be the stitched up fan videos made up of various game cinematics. We're finally getting the real deal. And that made us wonder - which other mobile games would make for some great TV shows?

Today we'll take a look at some of our all-time favourite mobile games that would make equally amazing TV shows or animations. From truly immersive and mysterious crime games to some action-packed adventures, we've picked one for every genre!