For most, realising the concept of mortality proves to be a defining moment in their lives. 

And accepting that nothing lasts forever becomes a very handy thing to have in your arsenal when you learn that there is only a week left to vote for the Pocket Gamer People's Choice.

After a month of burning brighter than any of its previous incarnations (the votes coming in have already broken *all* records), the time will come to pull the plug on June 30th.

Key category

As the only category of the PG Mobile Games Awards (now in their fourth year and, as ever, run by our industry-focused sibling site, that is nominated for and voted on by the players - that's you - it's a pretty big deal come ceremony night (which this year is on July 20th), trust us.

So make sure your voice is heard. The 20 finalists we've ended up with (after tallying up all your suggestions) offer a gorgeously vast gaming landscape in both approach and genre, from reworked casual classics to retro revivals, awesome arcade action to serious strategic simulation.  

Simply pick the one you think most deserves to win. Because there's a week left, and this thing ain't dead yet.