Roblox is a game that's all about, well, playing games. Several game worlds are created by members of the community. There are a plethora of them to choose from, with a handful of them being based on games that exist on PC and console or are defunct, such as PlayStation Home.

But one game, in particular, is red hot in Roblox at the moment. All-Star Tower Defense. The goal of the game is the same as most tower defense games and that's to defend your side of the battlefield. However, it functions much differently compared to others entries in the genre.

You need to equip a Unit, which are small characters that you can place throughout the battle map. Hilariously, some of these are inspired by pop culture, such Koku (based on the legendary Dragonball Z protagonist, Goku) and Karuto (based on the iconic anime character, Naruto). But, the game world of All-Star Tower Defense is pretty big, so we'll give you a few basic tips to keep in mind. And if you are looking for some free All Star Tower Defense codes to redeem, we have those covered too.