Roblox has come almost out of nowhere to become one of the most popular games in the world. What's interesting is that the game came out back in 2006, but didn't garner as much attention until the last few years or so.

The game first released on mobile in 2012 when it came out on iOS while making it to Android in 2014. And although these were more recent releases, that's still quite the time gap so it's pretty awesome to see the game's sudden rise.

Ultimately it is a platform that allows users to play other games. These games within the game are created by community members and sometimes game developers (phew, that's a lot of "game", isn't it?). One of the hottest games in Roblox right now is My Hero Mania where you play the role of your own, cool, manga type of hero and complete quests around the game world. Here are a few basic tips to kick you off and here are some codes for My Hero Mania where you can claim some free goodies!