Developer Snowman has just announced Alto's Odyssey: The Lost City, the popular atmospheric runner that mesmerized the world when it first came out in 2018 is now coming soon to Apple Arcade with extra content. The meditative experience will follow Alto and friends as they discover The Lost City on an endless sandboarding adventure that’s bound to touch the heart as much as its predecessor did.

Exploring hidden temples and gliding through sand dunes in the windswept environment is made even more fantastical with the stirring musical score in Alto’s Odyssey: The Lost City. Players will flow across canyons and caverns just waiting to be unearthed. What secrets does the ancient city hold, and how can you reveal truths concealed atop hot air balloons, over gigantic rock walls, and between snaking vines?

Fans of the franchise will likely find that there’s still lots more to discover in the new biomes and hidden challenges, while an exhilarating experience awaits new players with the one-touch trick system of the series. You can chain combos, unlock abilities, and complete goals with intuitive controls amid stunning visuals and dynamic weather.

There will be six unlockable characters that are unique in their abilities and attributes, as well as a Zen Mode where you can cruise through the environment with no intrusive scores to disrupt your surreal experience. You can also take a little memento with you in the Photo Mode, so you can capture memorable snapshots of your journey and share them with your friends.

Alto's Odyssey: The Lost City is now available for pre-order on the App Store. You can join the community of fans on the game’s various social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Discord to know more.

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