It is no surprise that children’s apps would include physical toys, to bring the physical world together with the digital world. However, I was pretty surprised to find that Kinder Eggs have an associated app, and the toys you can find hidden in these chocolate delights, can enter the app through virtual reality, becoming characters that you can play with and unlocking fun games for children to learn from and enjoy.

How to use the Applaydu?

When your child picks up a Kinder Surprise Egg that is partnered with the Applaydu game, they will find a little toy inside. We’ve got a build your own fidget spinner, a race car, and a running panther that has a zip line to make it move quickly. These toys came with a scan code, that you can then use in the app, to bring them to life in the Applaydu game! At first, you are given a default character (we got a zebra) when you download the game, but these new characters end up unlocking a lot of content!

What is Applaydu?

Applaydu is a sort of toy-box game, with lots of different games featured inside of it, all aimed at young children. They can create a character that they identify with, and then dive into a world full of wooden-styled puzzles, colouring, simplistic platformers, and straight-up taking selfies with different masks on!

Though none of the games I seemed to stumble upon actually have big learning aspects to them, they all have been played and easily enjoyed by Robin - a 5-year-old. There isn’t any text for children to read when it comes to the games themselves, and all of the icons are bright and easy to explore, so she found herself able to play the various games on her own.

One of the fantasy platformers, where you bring different animals through the world, making decisions on where you move to and tapping obstacles along your way, actually produces a little storybook that you can then read with your child.

The purple car

The purple car that was found in the egg actually unlocked a simple racing game, where you can move your car left and right on the screen, avoiding other cars and collecting boosts to keep you on top. There is a rhythm game, where you can swipe at the screen in time with music, and watch your character dance with some cool animations that also stand out! All of the games themselves can be found on the tablet-esque TV screen, whereas little wooden puzzles can be found in a puzzle area.

Many of the areas do include different colouring screens, where your child can select crayons and colour in various characters that then appear in that game or that are then displayed as a part of a colouring page. Also, strangely, you can then take the in-game, character versions of the toys you have added to the game, and place them in the physical world, playing with them there as well. The kids had fun shrinking them and watching their animation cycle.

To sum up

It’s really interesting to see physical toys, like the ones found in Kinder Eggs, placed into children’s games. Though Applaydu is more of a mix of loads of little games, there is some fun to be had for a younger audience when it comes to exploring mobile devices for, possibly, the first time. Everything is family-friendly and as this game is introduced through a popular candy treat, it will be interesting to see how the world continues to adapt to an ever-changing toy market.

You can download the Applaydu from Google Play Store and App Store!